Terminals: Digital Dark Age

Today I started work on the terminals (computers) for each of the key points in Digital Dark Age. Each terminal will essentially be the starting point for each corresponding song on the album, and offer information to the player as they play through the level. I'd love to say I know how to create an … Continue reading Terminals: Digital Dark Age

DATA Labs: Work Continues

A little while ago I posted my DATA Labs audio demo level which I created in Unreal Engine and FMOD. I was always intending to use this level as a place where I could try new techniques and develop my skills in audio implementation, so today I went back to the labs to reacquaint myself … Continue reading DATA Labs: Work Continues

DATA Labs – Wireframe Level View

I've been really enjoying checking out my handy work in UE4's wireframe view... It's also really handy for aligning things properly!  The level I'm currently working on is coming together nicely and I'll be uploading a full walkthrough video soon for my new showreel that will include some info on it's design and build. This project … Continue reading DATA Labs – Wireframe Level View