Digital Dark Age: What now?

Two weeks ago I launched my third year major project 'Digital Dark Age' - a playable concept album created in Unreal Engine. Since then I've been working to compile all the aspects of the projects production into an archive for the submission deadline on the 21st April but I wanted to write a quick post … Continue reading Digital Dark Age: What now?

Digital Dark Age Launch Tomorrow!

I've been working on my degree major project 'Digital Dark Age' at Futureworks here in Manchester for 7 months, which isn't really that long but it feels like an eternity! One thing I'm super happy with is how much I've learned and developed over that time. Even though some days it feels like I'm banging … Continue reading Digital Dark Age Launch Tomorrow!

Digital Dark Age- EP digital / cassette pre-order!

Hi folks! As mentioned in my previous post my interactive concept album / EP will be available to download and play on March 21st - however cassette / digital pre-orders are open now! Any support would be greatly appreciated so please share this with a friend, family member or even an intrigued pet!

Digital Dark Age Launch! 21st March

My third year degree major project 'Digital Dark Age' is due for launch on the 21st March, which is not that long away at all! I have roughly 1 month to finish all the interactive elements in the level and dub the cassettes / get the Bandcamp page ready for release and write everything up … Continue reading Digital Dark Age Launch! 21st March

Digital Dark Age: Welcome Area

Today I've been working on posters that will be displayed throughout the level to offer further information to the player - along with toggled text and the music to set the scene I'm hoping this should provide enough interest throughout. I'm also currently debating the idea of adding dialogue via interaction with the terminals.. but … Continue reading Digital Dark Age: Welcome Area

Terminals: Digital Dark Age

Today I started work on the terminals (computers) for each of the key points in Digital Dark Age. Each terminal will essentially be the starting point for each corresponding song on the album, and offer information to the player as they play through the level. I'd love to say I know how to create an … Continue reading Terminals: Digital Dark Age