Massive Galaxy Update

It feels like a while since I wrote anything about Massive Galaxy, and a lot has certainly happened in the meantime! I started work on this project over two years ago, and in that time it's been a pleasure to work with the developer, Gonçalo and indirectly with the artist Kirokaze and fellow noisemaker Mushroomizer. Whats … Continue reading Massive Galaxy Update

Multitimbral Mondays

Hi all! If you've seen any of my recent posts over on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram then you'll have probably noticed me babbling on about #multitimbralMondays - it's a super-geeky challenge I've started this month which will hopefully expand my knowledge and diversify the way I compose music, or end up just being FUN which … Continue reading Multitimbral Mondays

DATAStream & JJ Mist – The Spark

As some of you may know I also write and record music under my synthetic alter-ego 'DATAStream', mostly for self indulgent experiments with MIDI, synthesis and using lots of 1980s production techniques. But on the rare occasion, just every so often, a song emerges. This is the tale of one such song.... A little while back I … Continue reading DATAStream & JJ Mist – The Spark

Digital Dark Age – A Beginning

After settling on a suitably dramatic blog post title I thought I'd introduce you to some background information on the 'Digital Dark Age' - my interactive concept album / major project for the third year of my Music Production degree. In last week's post I talked briefly about what the DDA is, but this week I want … Continue reading Digital Dark Age – A Beginning

Digital Dark Age – An interactive concept album

For the third year of my current Music Production BA in Manchester my major project (which is happily instead of the more traditional dissertation) will be based around the idea of the 'Digital Dark Age'. It's a term I wasn't familiar with until about a year ago when researching for an essay I was writing … Continue reading Digital Dark Age – An interactive concept album

Multitimbral Moments – Part 2

About a year ago I embarked on a mission to write some multitimbral compositions using some of my more capable digital hardware synths. The first - 'JV80' was written and sequenced using Reason, with a single MIDI cable sending all of that lovely MIDI goodness into the Roland JV-80 (my first synth!). I often feel … Continue reading Multitimbral Moments – Part 2

Event Horizon – Trailer Redesign

One of the bigger projects I've embarked on for my portfolio recently is a complete audio redesign of the trailer for 'Event Horizon' from 1996. It's always been a favourite film of mine and I thought it would be a suitable challenge. In a previous redesign video I worked on the opening sequence to Gerry … Continue reading Event Horizon – Trailer Redesign