Massive Galaxy

I’ve had the pleasure of working on space-trading RPG ‘Massive Galaxy’ – composing music and creating original sound design for the games many scenes, characters and interactions. Hear some of the score and check out a few screenshots from the game below.
Find ‘Massive Galaxy ‘ on Steam HERE 

The world of ‘Massive Galaxy’ is highly stylised, and I wanted to create a score that enhances this further using electronic and synthetic sounds, but also one that creates a narrative within each of the games environments and scenes. For this reason, much of the score is centered around a bank of sounds and textures, utilising synthesis, drum machines and a number of motifs.

The first piece of music I wrote was the ‘Massive Galaxy Theme’ which was initially for the game trailer, and many of the pieces since have utilised parts of this one song in some way or another, to keep a consistent tone throughout the whole soundtrack.

The previews above are just a small selection of the full soundtrack that is still very much a work in progress, and much of the score also has full length versions for a future soundtrack release to accompany the game.