For The Warp

‘For The Warp’ is closely associated with my work on Massive Galaxy, set within the same universe the game focusses on turn based combat and procedurally generated system maps to explore whilst trying to get to the nearerest Warp Station and beyond.

As with Massive Galaxy I’ve been working on some original music and sound design to accompany the gameplay, as well as music for teaser trailers and promotional materials. I’ll be posting more on this project soon, but in the meantime check out the official game website here.

The Otterman Empire

I’ve been working on ‘The Otterman Empire’ with the team at Tri-Heart Interactive based in Manchester composing the game’s soundtrack. Hear the soundtrack below and find out more about the game over on their Facebook page.

Initially a lot of the ideas for the score developed from concept art of the characters, but as the team worked on more of the levels and the world of the Otterman Empire much of the music was heavily influeced by the environments and feel of the gameplay.

Massive Galaxy

I’ve had the pleasure of working on space-trading RPG ‘Massive Galaxy’ – composing music and creating original sound design for the games many scenes, characters and interactions. Hear some of the score and check out a few screenshots from the game below.
Find ‘Massive Galaxy ‘ on Steam HERE 

The previews above are just a small selection of the full soundtrack that is still very much a work in progress, and much of the score also has full length versions for a future soundtrack release to accompany the game.

The world of ‘Massive Galaxy’ is highly stylised, and I wanted to create a score that enhances this further using electronic and synthetic sounds, but also one that creates a narrative within each of the games environments and scenes. For this reason, much of the score is centered around a bank of sounds and textures, utilising synthesis, drum machines and a number of motifs.

Event Horizon

A complete audio-overhaul of the Event Horizon trailer from 1996 (Paramount Pictures).

This included a full sound design pass, using both original assets and library material (mostly for explosions) and bespoke musical composition. The trailer was also edited slightly to omit scenes where character dialogue was present.

This project was carried out over a few weeks using Logic 10 and Adobe Audition / Premier.

Lake Lodge

‘Lake Lodge’ is a collaborative game audio demo level created in Unreal Engine, with audio implemented using FMOD.

This level focuses on immersive sound design implementation, using original assets recorded by myself and fellow sound designer / composer Wes Roskell. Many of the sounds currently included in the level were recorded in North Yorkshire, the Lake District and in locations in and around Manchester using Zoom H5 / H6 portable recorders. My role has been focussed on sound design and audio implementation, whilst Wes has been recording an original adaptive score for the project.

The level is an ongoing project, with new features being implemented all the time. Currently the level includes dynamic, material based character movement sounds, a time-of-day based ambient environmental mix and an adaptive score.

Digital Dark Age

‘Digital Dark Age’ is an interactive concept album and first person game environment created for my third-year degree major project. I designed and built the level using Unreal Engine 4 and used FMOD for audio implementation. The level includes 5 original compositions adapted for non-linear playback as well as original sound design assets and blueprint scripting.

Feel free to download and test the project HERE (windows only) and get in touch with any feedback you have (or if you find any bugs!) I’d love to hear it.

DATA labs

‘DATA labs’ is set in deepest darkest Derbyshire, circa 1994. Explore the abandoned offices and learn about some of the ground breaking audio research and manipulation experiments the small team were developing.

I’ve been working on this project now for over two years, using the level as a place to continually develop sound design, audio implementation and scripting techniques. Currently the level is at version 1.1, using UE 4.19.2 and FMOD 1.10.

ConstructOR: Reaktor Plugin

‘ConstructOR’ is a Reaktor ensemble I built from scratch for sound design purposes – it gets pretty noisy and it’s great for broken machines, sci-fi textures and all manner of random sonics!


DATACompiler 2000: Reaktor Plugin

‘DATA Compiler’ is a Reaktor ensemble I created as a sound design tool, mostly for use in the creation of electronic lab machine-ish sci-fi textures and noises but it comes in handy for a variety of uses.


Sci-fi Aircraft: Sound Design

Three designed assets for in-game or post production use based on the concept of ‘Science Fiction Aircraft’. I used a mixture of synthesised sound design and manipulated location recordings to create these. Read a little bit more about their creation here.