More Monday, More MIDI.

Here's week two of my #multitimbralMondays compositions - 'Love Story', a boogie-ballad from the Roland D-20. This week I had a few issues with the D-20, namely that local MIDI would not turn off whilst in multitimbral-mode! In the end, I opted to control the D-20 remotely from the D5 and this worked fine, albeit … Continue reading More Monday, More MIDI.

Digital Dark Age: Level Design

It's been a couple of weeks since I posted some progress on my third year major project 'Digital Dark Age' but I'm happy to say things are well under way. Last week I began work on the level design in Unreal which will house the interactive, playable version of the concept album. In terms of … Continue reading Digital Dark Age: Level Design

DATACompiler 2000 – An FM-noise-making-machine

So if you've ready this brief blog before you'll know that I made a Reaktor synth called 'Cyberdyne' as part of my sound design module at Point Blank. Since then I've been working on another synth based on a similar concept although I also had an idea for a set of 'Lab Machine' type sound generators, … Continue reading DATACompiler 2000 – An FM-noise-making-machine