Sci-Fi Aircraft Sound Design

I've been on a bit of a science fiction fix recently, after working on my latest sound redesign (find it here) I've been constantly thinking about designing sounds for use in sci-fi games and for post production purposes. I've also been getting well acquainted with Spark, an ensemble for Native Instruments Reaktor. It's a powerful … Continue reading Sci-Fi Aircraft Sound Design

DATACompiler (V.2)

After a rather long hiatus from work on DATACompiler I've finally got round to finishing version 2 and implementing some of the changes that folks had mentioned along with a few GUI tweaks. It will be available on the new downloads page soon. Version 2 Updates: MIDI Input Modes (Pitch / Gate / Note / Velocity … Continue reading DATACompiler (V.2)

DS-250 | Reaktor WIP

I've been working on another Reaktor ensemble to compliment my other projects 'DATACompiler' and 'Cyberdyne' and this time I've been focussing on pulse oscillators in particular.. with some other more unusual additions sonically and limiting the synth to only 4 note polyphony. Mostly the DS-250 focusses on the use of modulation and some added FM synthesis … Continue reading DS-250 | Reaktor WIP