Half Way! (kinda)

This week I worked on the 7th multitimbral Mondays live-stream and composition - and to mark the half way mark in this epic journey of self-discovery I opted for a sax-fuelled power ballad using all that the Roland JV80 has to offer! Check out 'Morning Eyes' (yeahhh I know terrible name) below...   I've really … Continue reading Half Way! (kinda)


More Monday, More MIDI.

Here's week two of my #multitimbralMondays compositions - 'Love Story', a boogie-ballad from the Roland D-20. This week I had a few issues with the D-20, namely that local MIDI would not turn off whilst in multitimbral-mode! In the end, I opted to control the D-20 remotely from the D5 and this worked fine, albeit … Continue reading More Monday, More MIDI.

Multitimbral Moments – Part 2

About a year ago I embarked on a mission to write some multitimbral compositions using some of my more capable digital hardware synths. The first - 'JV80' was written and sequenced using Reason, with a single MIDI cable sending all of that lovely MIDI goodness into the Roland JV-80 (my first synth!). I often feel … Continue reading Multitimbral Moments – Part 2

Multitimbral Moments

During my sequencing module at Point Blank I spent a lot of time researching about MIDI - the one stop communications protocol for musical instruments and other fun equipment! It was whilst researching that I truly started to grasp how powerful it is.. I'm a bit of a synth collector, although I can't afford the more … Continue reading Multitimbral Moments