All the MIDI your synthetic heart can take…

That's right! It's the compilation you've been waiting for all year! 'Multitimbral Mondays' is finally here... I've spent three months working on this, although actually very little time working on the songs, all of which were recorded in a single evening (usually between 7pm and 8pm) using only one hardware synthesiser in multitimbral mode. You … Continue reading All the MIDI your synthetic heart can take…

More Monday, More MIDI.

Here's week two of my #multitimbralMondays compositions - 'Love Story', a boogie-ballad from the Roland D-20. This week I had a few issues with the D-20, namely that local MIDI would not turn off whilst in multitimbral-mode! In the end, I opted to control the D-20 remotely from the D5 and this worked fine, albeit … Continue reading More Monday, More MIDI.

Multitimbral Moments – Part 2

About a year ago I embarked on a mission to write some multitimbral compositions using some of my more capable digital hardware synths. The first - 'JV80' was written and sequenced using Reason, with a single MIDI cable sending all of that lovely MIDI goodness into the Roland JV-80 (my first synth!). I often feel … Continue reading Multitimbral Moments – Part 2

Multitimbral Moments

During my sequencing module at Point Blank I spent a lot of time researching about MIDI - the one stop communications protocol for musical instruments and other fun equipment! It was whilst researching that I truly started to grasp how powerful it is.. I'm a bit of a synth collector, although I can't afford the more … Continue reading Multitimbral Moments