Zoom SGH-6 Stream Test

Last weekend I spent a little bit of time getting to know my new stereo shotgun from Zoom, the SGH-6. It's designed to work with a few of their portable recorders (in my case the H5) and is fairly reasonably priced as you can grab one for less than £100.00. It also includes a windshield which is … Continue reading Zoom SGH-6 Stream Test

Building Site Sound Design

If you've ever lived next to a building site you will understand that it is not a particularly pleasant experience, especially when you're trying to work. In Manchester at the moment there are lot of people excited about building sites, but I'm not one of them. It does however give the opportunity to do some … Continue reading Building Site Sound Design

Say No To The M60 – Noise Reduction Special

On Friday last week I went out to Clifton Country Park near Manchester for some field recording bits and bobs. It's a lovely location, but despite it's rural looks it's within a few miles of the M60 and there is an audible bed of motorway noise pretty much everywhere. It's a shame too, since it's … Continue reading Say No To The M60 – Noise Reduction Special

DATA Lab Switch Interaction

Following on from my previous post on the creation of a new playable game audio demo level I've been working on audio implementation a lot over the last week or so. Today I was testing some light switch interaction for the level, utilising FMOD to run the audio it was simply made up of a … Continue reading DATA Lab Switch Interaction

Event Horizon – Trailer Redesign

One of the bigger projects I've embarked on for my portfolio recently is a complete audio redesign of the trailer for 'Event Horizon' from 1996. It's always been a favourite film of mine and I thought it would be a suitable challenge. In a previous redesign video I worked on the opening sequence to Gerry … Continue reading Event Horizon – Trailer Redesign

Footstep Foley

I've recently embarked upon a joint project with a fellow audio enthusiast and as part of this we're having to record and create a fair amount of sound cues and assets for a simple first person game. Whilst the game idea is simple there are still some interesting possibilities for audio implementation and I'm exciting … Continue reading Footstep Foley

Woodland Asset Recording

A few weeks ago I abducted my good friend Ryan (check out his Twitter here) and the ever-patient Nik and went for a wander in the woods to capture some sfx and ambience for some future projects I'm working on. I've yet to invest in some more flexible location recording equipment but have had good results … Continue reading Woodland Asset Recording