All the MIDI your synthetic heart can take…

That's right! It's the compilation you've been waiting for all year! 'Multitimbral Mondays' is finally here... I've spent three months working on this, although actually very little time working on the songs, all of which were recorded in a single evening (usually between 7pm and 8pm) using only one hardware synthesiser in multitimbral mode. You … Continue reading All the MIDI your synthetic heart can take…

Multitimbral Mondays

Hi all! If you've seen any of my recent posts over on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram then you'll have probably noticed me babbling on about #multitimbralMondays - it's a super-geeky challenge I've started this month which will hopefully expand my knowledge and diversify the way I compose music, or end up just being FUN which … Continue reading Multitimbral Mondays

DATAStream & JJ Mist – The Spark

As some of you may know I also write and record music under my synthetic alter-ego 'DATAStream', mostly for self indulgent experiments with MIDI, synthesis and using lots of 1980s production techniques. But on the rare occasion, just every so often, a song emerges. This is the tale of one such song.... A little while back I … Continue reading DATAStream & JJ Mist – The Spark

Animation Playground

Recently I've been using 3D animation and modelling as a mental respite from audio work, and happily, the two work well together. Often I'll find that my 3D modelling and animation projects offer great inspiration for my writing and production work, which is a nice bonus and helps to immerse myself in an idea. This … Continue reading Animation Playground