SENSE POD – Multisensory Performance Environment

Back in 2018 I worked on a project with the Level Centre here in Derbyshire, touring a performance piece called Sense. In 2019 I was asked to develop the project further, and since last summer I’ve been working on the construction of a multimedia ‘POD’ within which the latest version of the project can be created and performed. The POD is essentially a black box, with rear projection screens on three sides and a surround sound speaker system for audio playback. It’s construction completely blocks any outside light source so it can feel quite removed from it’s current location, perfect for immersive audio and visual performances. It can comfortably hold an audience of 3 – 6 depending on requirements, with room for two performers.

SENSE POD (in construction)
SENSE POD in construction showing the three rear-projection screens

Since construction is now almost complete, I’ve turned my attention to some of the sound design ideas I’ve wanted to try out. At the moment the performance is currently being devised, but there is a loose narrative idea that we are using to develop each of the scenes and sections of the experience, ideally this combination of sound, visuals and live performance will enable each participant to experience and interpret the POD in their own way.

One of a few soundscape test ideas I’ve been working on for the project.

I’ll be posting a few more ideas from the project over the next few months including some more sound and visuals, and some of the design and build notes / photos from the PODs construction. If anyone is interested in how the performances will be run let me know and I’d be happy to chat about some of the tech we’re using.

Thanks for reading!

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