‘Massive Galaxy’

A few years a go, I was lucky enough to be asked to work on some trailer music for a new independent point and click sci-fi adventure game called Massive Galaxy, happily I must have done an alright job because I’ve been working on it ever since! If you follow me on Twitter you’ll have noticed a variety of clips posted from my work on the game, mostly snippets of music and sound design for the various scenes and locations in the game but also a few previews of the soundtrack and ‘work-in-progress’ type videos too.

Whilst it’s been an on-going project for a few years now, I haven’t been short on inspiration as the developers have been busy adding new scenes and environments constantly. A lot of the wonderful artwork you see is created by the rather talented Kirokaze and it’s always exciting to see new designs as they emerge.

One of my favourite things about working on this project is that I can create highly stylised pieces of music and sound design, that match the aesthetic of the game itself. Nearly all the music for the game is created from a pallete of sounds I’ve been designing over the last few years, mostly in Native Instruments FM8, Reaktor and Kontakt, but also a few appearences from UVI’s Digital Synsations bundle, and a fair amount of hardware recording from my DX27, JV-80 and MS2000. You’ll hear sampled drums from a TR-808 (OF COURSE) as well as those found on the JV-1000 workstation and the Roland R5 Human Rhythm Composer, and some cheeky CR78 loops thrown in for good measure. Hear a few previews of the OST below…

As you can imagine, the scope of this project has increased over time and there are now over 20 original pieces of music and nearly as many cut scene compositions that I’m working on, whilst much of the sound design in the game is also still a work in progress. During the games development the studio have also undertaken a side project called ‘For The Warp‘ which (I’m pleased to say) I’m also working on! Set in the same universe as ‘Massive Galaxy’, ‘FTW’ is a roguelike turn based deck-building game in space, and features similar artwork and aesthetics to MG, but with a whole new score and some new sound design work too. I’ll post more on ‘FTW’ in the future, but for now you can check out the games trailer below!

Thanks for reading!


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