‘Degradation’ – An Interactive Audio Visual Installation

Hi all!

I’m pleased to announce I’ve been asked to work on a new digital arts commission in conjunction with Level Centre in Derbyshire, which I’m aiming to have installed and ready around Spring 2020.

Since studying interactive audio back in 2017 I’ve been fascinated with the idea of creating immersive experiences with sound and visuals (DATA labs being a good example of this) and I’m also intrigued by the concept of digital obsolescence which is something I’ve been researching ever since my third-year degree project ‘Digital Dark Age‘ (some of you may remember me bombarding Twitter with #digitaldarkage for around 6 months!).

‘Degradation’ continues within a similar context and will be a highly stylised and accessible digital installation using motion tracking to capture participants interactions and blend these with generative audio visual manipulations. I want to create something that has a recognisable form, but one that can be left open to interpretation by the participants, and I’m currently exploring using cubes and simple shapes for this purpose.

I’ve been carrying out some prototype testing using Microsoft v2 Kinect sensors, Unreal Engine, FMOD and projection mapping all working together to realise my ideas, with positive results so far, and I’m keen to share some of these processes during production so if you have any questions please do get in touch.

At this point that’s really where I’ve got to, but I’ll be posting further updates on the project as I work on it here on my blog, and via Twitter.

Thanks for reading,

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