Hi, Hello, Hey

Hi folks,

Welcome to my new blog, you’ll find musings and mumblings on a variety of topics here as I work on current and future endeavours. Most will focus on audio related noodlings, but since I’m now involved in a number of visual and interactive commissions, I’ll most likely be delving into these as well.

I’m currently working on some exciting projects, including two indie games titles, two interactive installations and a couple of albums for some talented folks, so keep an eye out for info on these as well. If you’re into real-time updates, you can check out my Twitter (which is a mix of audio, synthesisers, cats and coffee, not in that order). I also have a Bandcamp page where you can find some of my composition work as well as my own projects. If you’d like to chat about a project you’re working on drop me an email at hello@martynstonehouse.com and we can take it from there.

I hope you enjoy the new website design, it’s hopefully a little easier to navigate, but if you have any thoughts or feedback please do let me know.

As a little aside, here’s me twiddling some synthy-knobs earlier this month at Synth Fest! If you’ve not been before it runs every year in Sheffield and is definitely worth a visit. This is a Roland System-100m (I believe, I was too excited to check) so thanks to the kind fellow who was exhibiting this on the day.

Thanks for reading,

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