All the MIDI your synthetic heart can take…

That’s right! It’s the compilation you’ve been waiting for all year! ‘Multitimbral Mondays’ is finally here…

I’ve spent three months working on this, although actually very little time working on the songs, all of which were recorded in a single evening (usually between 7pm and 8pm) using only one hardware synthesiser in multitimbral mode. You can download it HERE or check it out below.

It’s been lots of fun to work on, and was personally quite an eye opener into how I work and what I feel I need to improve on with my composition. The great thing about working within the realms of multitimbral MIDI is that there seem to be many limitations when starting out, but the more you work with it the more you realise that these can be overcome! I’ll not waffle on about that anymore for now, but if you want to find out more about #multitimbralMIDI please drop me a message, comment or whatever you feel like at Twitter or you can email me.

For now, enjoy the fruits of my MIDI-labour (sorry) and spread the word that multitimbral music is back! At least, it is on my Bandcamp…

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