Massive Galaxy Update

It feels like a while since I wrote anything about Massive Galaxy, and a lot has certainly happened in the meantime! I started work on this project over two years ago, and in that time it’s been a pleasure to work with the developer, Gonçalo and indirectly with the artist Kirokaze and fellow noisemaker Mushroomizer.

Whats been exciting about this project for me is that I’ve been part of it whilst a lot of development has taken place, and this has provided me with plenty of time to work on crafting a unique sonic character for the music and sound design, something that I feel is so important in games. As new world locations and gameplay features are introduced, it inspires me to work on new pieces and adapt old ones accordingly, focussing on an overall feel and atmosphere for the games many scenes and levels.

You can hear a few works in progress above – although most of these have changed or been updated recently, they give you an idea of the style and atmosphere I’m trying to create for the game. One of my favourite additions, ‘Neon Blues’ isn’t on this playlist but you can check out a small snippet below.

I’ll try and post updates a little more regularly but in the meantime please check out the Massive Galaxy Steam page and add it to your wishlist if it’s your kinda thing!

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