More Monday, More MIDI.

Here’s week two of my #multitimbralMondays compositions – ‘Love Story’, a boogie-ballad from the Roland D-20.

This week I had a few issues with the D-20, namely that local MIDI would not turn off whilst in multitimbral-mode! In the end, I opted to control the D-20 remotely from the D5 and this worked fine, albeit a little clumsy. Something else worth mentioning is that the Roland D-20 has EFFECTS such as glorious reverb and a slightly underwhelming chorus – needless to say the drums benefited from some verb the most, although I added a splash to most of the parts in the song.

As usual, I’ll be live-streaming my session next week over on the DATAStream Facebook.

Thanks for reading/listening! Check out last weeks song HERE.

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