Multitimbral Mondays

Hi all!

If you’ve seen any of my recent posts over on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram then you’ll have probably noticed me babbling on about #multitimbralMondays – it’s a super-geeky challenge I’ve started this month which will hopefully expand my knowledge and diversify the way I compose music, or end up just being FUN which is more than a valid reason on its own.

I’ll be composing one multitimbral piece of music every Monday, and live-streaming the majority of its creation via my DATAStream Facebook page. It will then be uploaded on the following Wednesday and eventually (hopefully!) form a free compilation of my efforts.

I have experimented with this form of composition a couple of times before (you may remember such inspiring classics as ‘MU5’ and ‘JV80’ but hopefully writing one piece per week will allow me to flex my compositional muscles (not a thing) using slightly different thought processes and production methods. Mostly this means being limited in terms of polyphony and the use of audio processing, but I also find that challenging yourself and working in less familiar ways can help to broaden your skills and knowledge.

That brings us to (tada!!) this weeks song – which I’m glad to say that a few kind folks witnessed me composing via the live-stream on Monday evening. Luckily, one helpful viewer was on hand to give the song a name so it didn’t wind up just being called ‘D5’.

As well as this entirely coming from the D5 (minus MIDI sequencing done in Logic) I recorded the final stereo mix from the synths outputs to my Tascam 244 (mostly because I can and its fun) and then re-recorded this back into Logic for the final master. I’ll be working on another next week and if you feel like joining me drop by the DATAStream Facebook page at 7pm GMT.

Thanks for reading!

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