November Update

Hi folks!

As you may (or may have not) noticed I’ve been a little less active here on my site for a month or so. Whilst I’ve been working on a number of projects I’m also in the process of moving, and anyone who has had the pleasure of buying/selling a house will know how much work is involved! Suffice to say – I’ve not had much time for blog writing so I’m postponing any future waffling until the house move is complete and I’m all set up again.

Whilst it is super-stressful I’m very excited about the move, which will allow me to empty my storage space and move all my studio gear into one room. I’ll finally have the DX7 on hand for those moments when you just HAVE to frequency modulate.

Thanks for bearing with me and I’ll see you in 2018!*


* (interestingly ‘Rollerball’ is set in 2018 and any cult 70s / 80s cinema fans should definitely check it out to see whats in store for us next year…)