Building Site Sound Design

If you’ve ever lived next to a building site you will understand that it is not a particularly pleasant experience, especially when you’re trying to work. In Manchester at the moment there are lot of people excited about building sites, but I’m not one of them. It does however give the opportunity to do some sneaky field recording that offers plenty of scope for sound design and will definitely come in handy for any city / industrial environments you may well have to recreate.

Fun to watch… but not fun to listen to 12 hours a day…

Yesterday I was busy working on a new composition, trying my best to articulate string sections amidst the sound of drilling and hammering when I decided to give up and make a coffee. I took my Zoom portable recorder (a H5 with the standard X/Y mics) onto the balcony to capture some of the noise taking place next door, whilst a few builders stared at me with curiosity.

A mini windshield is a must for nearly all recording sessions with the Zoom!

Afterwards I spent some time working on mangling a few of the sounds up and creating some new assets that might come in handy for game audio projects in the future, a few of which can be heard below! (as well as a clip of the original audio).

As most audio folks will tell you… record everything as you never know what you can do with it!

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