I Told You So…

So a couple of posts back I was going on about digital preservation at length, after reading a number of articles about the topic and probably learning more about data backup, file storage and futureproofing than ever before, I was in a data archiving frenzy!

It was only fitting of course that I then became the victim of data loss in the form of one of my hard drives dying in the small hours of last night. All I could hear was my own voice saying “I told you so” over and over in my head, as I came to terms with what I’d lost…


Thankfully, I hadn’t completely ignored my own advice and I do make regular backups, but over Christmas I’m ashamed to say I had been a little less than careful and missed a few project versions (one of which being Digital Dark Age!) out of the aforementioned backup regime. Luckily, I have a previous backup to work from, and lots of screenshots and notes that I can go through, but I could have easily lost a lot more. In total, I lost around 350gb of data, which is a lot. It got me thinking though, again.

What if I hadn’t backed up that hard drive for a month, two months, or even longer? I’d probably not have the mental capacity to write this blog post that’s for sure. Let this be a warning to everyone, backup everything, all the time, or your Digital Dark Age will come sooner than you might think.

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