The Digital Void

Today I’ve been working on the playable version of ‘Digital Dark Age’ in UE4 – I’ve previously posted about the start of this levels creation and I made some good progress. My original idea for the aesthetic and environment for the level was perhaps a little too ambitious, having intended to create a very visually stimulating experience for players. However, due to the time restrictions for this project (hand in is March!) I opted for a more stark and foreboding environment which actually works really well with the concept of the project.

DDA Concrete A.png
Concrete is a favourite ‘building’ tool of mine – no more evident than in this portion of the level where my song ‘Fabrication’ will be playing.

I’ve come to know this space as the ‘digital void’, perhaps more easily described as the non-space that exists inside digital data, the nothingness of our digital documents, photos, music and programmes. This void serves as the location for the player to experience the 5 songs of the album, and will offer insight into the Digital Dark Age whilst guiding the player through the brief narrative I’ve created.

DDA Concrete D.png
More concrete please…

I’m really liking the overall look of the level, but I’ve had a lot of lighting based headaches today trying to get the right balance between atmospheric and impractical… more soon!

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