DATA Labs: Work Continues

A little while ago I posted my DATA Labs audio demo level which I created in Unreal Engine and FMOD. I was always intending to use this level as a place where I could try new techniques and develop my skills in audio implementation, so today I went back to the labs to reacquaint myself with some of the systems and blueprints I’d put in place to control audio and events in FMOD. I also took it upon myself to redesign a few bits of the level, including adding some new screens for the monitors! As usual, I’ll be posting more about further tasks I undertake and I’m glad to say the level will also be available to download soon as well if you’re in the mood to try it out for yourself.

Intelligent System Monitor.png
The ‘DATA Labs Intelligent System Monitor’ handles a lot of automated tasks in the labs, well it used to at least…
I’ve added some further detail to the breakroom – these cups are destined for use in a new blueprint I’m working on to add interaction sounds and impact sounds to physics objects.
Desk Woe.png
I’m still getting my head around lighting in UE4 (note the strange shadow on the far wall). It’s not my area of expertise but I’m slowly making progress. Tips are greatly appreciated!

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