Digital Dark Age – An interactive concept album

7.5 DDA Logo Animation.gif

For the third year of my current Music Production BA in Manchester my major project (which is happily instead of the more traditional dissertation) will be based around the idea of the ‘Digital Dark Age’. It’s a term I wasn’t familiar with until about a year ago when researching for an essay I was writing at the time, yet something I’ve become completely fascinated with.

Digital Dark Age: A possible future situation where it will be difficult or impossible to read historical electronic documents and multimedia, because they have been recorded in an obsolete and obscure file format. (Wiki)

I think that sums it up quite nicely, but for me there is a lot more to be said about this particular topic and this was probably the reason I decided to use it for my major project. My plan is to create a concept album with an interactive twist, enabling the listener to play through the narrative and uncover information about the Digital Dark Age along the way. This will be accompanied by an online release via Bandcamp, a physical cassette release and a small launch event here in Manchester.

I have A LOT to do, but that’s ok because I like to be busy! At present I have full versions of three of the songs from the album, as well as some draft ideas for the other two and as you can see above there is already a logo idea in place, as well as some animations and graphics to go with it. I’ve started prototyping ideas in Unreal for the creation of the interactive playable version and I’ll be posting regularly about my progress. I’d love any comments or feedback about the project and feel free to follow me on Twitter to find out about goings on when I’m not blogging.

Digital Preservation is for everyone!

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