DATA Labs – Game Audio Showreel

Hi folks!

So it’s taken me around a month to complete my game audio showreel level ‘DATA Labs’ and whilst it’s been a steep learning curve it has also been hugely enjoyable! I’d had experience using FMOD before but I’d never delved so deeply into Unreal’s Blueprints system until now, creating custom blueprints for audio events and getting to grips with how FMOD talks to Unreal.

You can watch the full showreel above, and listen to me babbling about how I created certain parts of the level. What I really wanted to get out of this project was a deeper understanding of production workflow and how to develop an audio engine within a game, in this sense it’s been very successful and I’m not only more confident in implementing audio, I also feel my knowledge of level design, asset management and optimisation has increased as part of this process. I will continue to use this level to develop my skills, and have further plans to extend the gameplay to include the research ‘facility’ in the basement so I can utilise more FMOD snapshots and music cues in particular.

I’d love any constructive feedback and comments you may have, and if you want to know more about a certain element of the level then please ask, I love discussing game audio and you can find me on Twitter or just drop me an email. You can watch the full level playthrough below.


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