DATA Labs – Wireframe Level View

I’ve been really enjoying checking out my handy work in UE4’s wireframe view… It’s also really handy for aligning things properly!  The level I’m currently working on is coming together nicely and I’ll be uploading a full walkthrough video soon for my new showreel that will include some info on it’s design and build.

Wireframe Level.png
The whole level – entrance corridor on the left, main office suite in the centre and access corridors on the right that lead down to a basement level (currently not accessible)

This project has been a fantastic challenge and I’ve learnt so much, particularly about UE4’s Blueprint system and how to use it to integrate FMOD with the game engine successfully.

Wireframe Level 2.png
A clearer view of the access corridor and slope down to the unfinished basement level – I’m excited to expand on this project over the next few months.

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