Playable Audio Demo

After a lot of Unreal engine Blueprint head scratching and similar I’ve been building a playable audio showreel over the last few weeks. It’s a small level designed to showcase my sound design, field recording and implementation skills and so far it’s been amazing to work on. Like many I’ve took to Youtube to uncover a few coding related issues I’ve had but it’s been a pleasure to learn. It’s also a very rewarding experience when you figure out something entirely on your own and this (I’m pleased so say) has also happened on more than one occasion!

DATALab Test 2.PNG
A screenshot from the entrance corridor in the level.

Along the way I’ve learn how to create custom Blueprints that include audio events, and expanded my knowledge of audio implementation using FMOD which I’m excited to share. I’ve also picked up lots of handy level design knowledge and even a little bit of game mechanics!

office ideas 5.PNG
The office area of the level – I ended up removing the water cooler because it looked a little too modern!

The level features a multitude of noise-making props as well as the opportunity to create some more industrial ambiences and use some subtle yet suitably poignant music beds.

work corridor 3.PNG
I wonder what happened here?

There is still a little way to go to get this ready for download, including optimising it so it plays well and feels right but I’ll post more on this soon.

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