Footstep Foley

I’ve recently embarked upon a joint project with a fellow audio enthusiast and as part of this we’re having to record and create a fair amount of sound cues and assets for a simple first person game. Whilst the game idea is simple there are still some interesting possibilities for audio implementation and I’m exciting about using FMOD for the majority of this, including the music.

The first ‘step’ (pun intended) is the recording of some character sounds, and there are a few different options required including grass, gravel, dirt and shingle ground cover sounds. A while back I recorded some gravel and slate footsteps at a ridiculous time of night to minimise any extraneous noise and was quite pleased with the results. I used a Zoom H5 portable recorder with the included X/Y mic capsule, and hairy windscreen to catch any unwanted breezes.

I actually carried the recorder around pointed at my feet, using the microphone adapter holder to minimise any sounds transferring to the mic capsules, and basically walked around in circles for some time…

I recently edited the footsteps in Adobe Audition, separating individual steps out and applied some simple fades ready for use in-game. For the purpose of this demo I loaded all the individual footsteps (10 each in total) into an EXS 24 sampler just to sequence and export.

For my first attempt at footstep recording I was quite pleased, however there are still lots more to do, and maybe I’ll fine tune these a little more as the project develops. I think some character clothing sounds might be a nice addition to the steps, as they feel a little dry. If anyone has any tips for recording similar sounds let me know, I’d love to hear them!

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