DS-250 | Reaktor WIP

I’ve been working on another Reaktor ensemble to compliment my other projects ‘DATACompiler’ and ‘Cyberdyne’ and this time I’ve been focussing on pulse oscillators in particular.. with some other more unusual additions sonically and limiting the synth to only 4 note polyphony. Mostly the DS-250 focusses on the use of modulation and some added FM synthesis which achieves some interesting, if slightly broken sounding textures and sonics.

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 13.47.18.png

So basically we’re looking at three pulse / square wave oscillators with adjustable pulse width and an additional FM section (OSC+). Two of the pulse waves have fine tune (+/- 50 cent) and three have transposition of up to two octaves either way. The controls are a little fiddly for this but that makes it (in my opinion) a little more fun trying to get it in tune!! It may not be a go-to plugin for conventional songwriting however…
Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 13.57.16.png
I’ve started putting together a custom soundbank but the sound design is fairly straightforward – there is a simple AMP ENV in the form of attack, decay and release options and a full ADSR for filter envelope duties. The modulation section of the synth is where Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 13.51.14.pngthings get a little more interesting and as usual I’ve annotated the controls with rather vague labels for extra ‘fun’. There is also a useful oscilloscope with adjustable range and even a 5 segment LED meter for output level monitoring.

As with my previous projects, the DS-250 will be available to download for free so I’ll post it up soon with a demo video for those that are interested.

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