‘Stored Energies Technology Vol. 3’

For anyone who follows my self-indulgent synthetic alter-ego ‘DATAStream’ you may already be aware of the Stored Energies Technology series of releases via my Bandcamp, Soundcloud or on Spotify. It’s certainly been a journey over the past 18 months working on these songs, and whilst there is a particular aesthetic I’ve focussed on during their production I’m keen to maintain that they are not just for ‘synthwave’ fans and offer many sonic delights for those willing to listen. I use a variety of hardware digital synthesisers to create these songs (including the formidable DX7s, Roland JV series and Korg MS-2000), along with some excellent VSTs from the likes of Klanghelm, TALaudio, Native Instruments and UVI. It’s quite amazing at how true to their hardware counterparts they sound.

As you may or may not be aware there is a rather large backstory behind DATAStream, set circa 1986 (and what a great year that was) where myself and fellow audio technicians struggle to maintain our audio manipulation and streaming experiments (with mixed results!). If you purchased the EP on cassette or MiniDisc (yes they still work) then you will have also heard the archive audio logs which bookend sides a & b, offering a little insight into this strange world.

Vol. 3 is due at the end of the month, and will be the last in the series, however I am planning a ‘collected’ version which will feature all the songs and more archive material in the future which I’m very excited about. In the meantime you can listen to track 1 from the new EP below, which features the wise words of Dean Friedman and his introduction to synthesis in video form as well! A big thank you to Dean for giving me permission to use these audio samples in ‘The Synthesiser’


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