Multitimbral Moments

During my sequencing module at Point Blank I spent a lot of time researching about MIDI – the one stop communications protocol for musical instruments and other fun equipment! It was whilst researching that I truly started to grasp how powerful it is..

I’m a bit of a synth collector, although I can’t afford the more expensive (and more famous) analogue synths so I lean towards the digital synth era, from the early 80s onwards. A lot of my synths are MULTITIMBRAL which I never quite got my head around until I looked into MIDI further. WIthout boring you… multitimbral instruments can play more than one ‘patch’ at a time – a patch referring to a particular preset, drum bank etc. This differs from polyphony as that is the maximum number of notes a synth can play simultaneously.

Anyway – I’ve hooked up my Roland JV-80 which has a multitimbral mode and used Reason to sequence 7 channels of MIDI. I then sent them directly out to the synth using a single MIDI DIN cable, where I selected the appropriate patches, adjusted levels and mixed in chorus and reverb to boot!

REMEMBER everything you hear is coming from one synth! 🙂

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